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Update 5/2024

In January 2024, a special meeting was held between key parks redevelopment stakeholders at the City of Stoughton and members of the Stoughton Fair Association. 

Under new Stoughton Parks and Recreation leadership, an updated plan with proposed timelines were presented to the Fair Board members. The new plan reflects changes that DO support future operations of the Fair at Mandt Park. Previous versions of the plan did not. 

Further, a renewed partnership between the Stoughton Fair Association and the City of Stoughton were established, with both parties expressing a strong mutual interest in working together to preserve the future of the Stoughton Fair. 

UPDATED (5/2024) Phase 1 : Mandt Park Master Plan

Phase 1 is set to begin immediately following the 98th Annual, 2024 Stoughton Fair. 

Mandt Plan 2024.png

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